Warranty regulations

Product warranty tips:
NILLKIN devotes to offering “professional. high grade. innovative、 advanced” 3C digital life to
you as well as the best product with the highest quality.

NILLKIN offers warranty service for the products:
Warranty Coverage:
1. If there is quality problem within 7 days after you bought NILLKIN productyou can change same
model same standard new product.
2、You can enjoy free warranty sevice within 7 days ater you bought NILLKIN product.( Ex
transportation cost )
3、If the product stil can’ t use after changing twice during warranty time, you can choose to return.
4. When you require warranty,please show:
1) Warranty product
2) Proof of purchase
3) Warranty Certificate ( Warranty Card )
5、You can’ t enjoy warranty service as the following situation:
1 ) Normal wear and tear
2 ) Damaged by man-made causes ( such as sharp objects、bending. extrusion. into the liquid
fall over and soon )
3 ) Damaged by improper use, such as not fllw the use instructions.
4) Forces of nature which can’ t be disobeyed.
Warranty time:
1) The warranty time of protection product is one month.
Warm reminder:
In order to get the right of “change. repair. return” , please.
1. Ask for invoice and safekeeping when you buy the product.
2、Efective warranty card and invoice are the basic certificates for the warranty.

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