Bluetooth  Speaker

Oblique Arc

Simple round shape design, brings more vogue and grace for your daily work and life.

Belonging to your private music space

Cozy city life attitude,Slowness, be able to switch between speediness and slowness freely.


Convenient Bluetooth & NFC wireless connection

Wirelessly play music in many players after Bluetooth connection;NFC-equipped smartphones and tablets can realize one-key paring.


Keep in touch with friends.

Directly talk via Bluetooth .Don’t miss any calls while listening to music

QI standard wireless charging

Put and charge, uninterruptible power phone on music trip  Compatible with fast and ordinary charge standard phones.Support high-speed fast charge mode, put and charge, increase 40% of charging speed. Faster! Stronger!


Overvoltage protection

It’s high voltage input when fast charging works. Wireless charging automatically stops when voltage is unstable or higher. Effectively protect the device and phone.

AUX multimedia audio input

3.5mm universal audio interface.Insert AUX interface in any mode, it can automatically switch to the AUX identification mode.


USB wired charging, free switch among 3 standards

One more choice. Enjoy music with uninterruptible power,Support 3 standard charging, intelligently identify device,Optimize charging and discharging efficiency: 5V/2A(Ordinary), 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A(Fast)


Fast charging with 7 safety protections

International Certification

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